Pet's First Choice - Expert Pet Care Services in Pelsall
Dog Walking Services
We provide a free intitial consultation so that we can meet you and your dog to really get to know them and their distinct personality and how you interact with your dog.  We can discuss their likes and dislikes and preferences whilst being cared for.  We can bring along testimonials and our insurance from a pet busines specialist and our CRB check.
The free initial consultation also includes a walk with you and your dog to observe any commands and training specific to your dog.  You can then choose from a range of services below that best meets his/her needs. 
  • One to one dog walking
  • Small social group dog walking
  • On or off the lead with your permission and consistent recall
  • Exciting and varied routes and locations including Pelsall parks, commons and nature reserve
  • Regular or occasional
  • Flexible times
Whilst in our care your dog will receive
  • expert care and handling
  •  lots of love and attention
  • plenty of games and fun
  • continuation of any training
  • wiped paws on return
  • left safe and settled with fresh water
We Will
  • take care of your dogs emotional needs as well as their physical needs
  • return to you a relaxed and happy dog
If you are not at home, we can hold a spare set of keys which are held securely in a safe.We are fully insured to transport and walk dogs and hold your house keys if you require.  We take note of all the little details that makes your pet unique so that your pet receives the same level of dedicated care as if you were there yourselves
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