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Puppy care
If you are thinking about getting a puppy but can't commit to the time due to other committments, we can provide all the love, attention and companionship your puppy needs.  Home visits can include any of the following plus any additional specific requirments you may have.  We are experienced in puppy care and no one will care more in your absence
Toilet breaks and training
Fresh food and water
Love and fuss
Wiping feet following toileting and play
Play activities
Clean bowls and areas
Continuation of any early training
Cage or den training
Left safely and securely
Benefits of home visits
Your puppy will benefit from a regular routine which is really important for early toilet training.  Regular feeding helps control toilet times.  Your puppy needs plenty of rest and sleep but he/she also needs companionship and mental and physical stimulation, dependant upon their age, breed etc and it is recommended they are not left alone for more than 3 hours (built up gradually).  During our visits we can provide early play and lots of fuss and attention in a calm environment, so that he/she is ready for a rest and sleep until the next visit. Providing a regular routine early on is paramount for providing security, calmness and happiness for your pup
Puppy visits are normally twenty minutes in duration but can be more if you wish. Times can be flexible to fit with your routine.  Please phone to discuss your specific requirements. We look forward to hearing from you
Puppy walks
When your pup is ready you may wish to move onto puppy walks.  This can include gentle exercise on lead where they can gradually increase their opportunities of exploring the world around them.  During this time we can continue and early training and recall.
Puppy socialisation
It is imperative to socialise your puppy as early as possible in a safe and calm way to build confidence and happiness in the company of other dogs.  We can help by introducing them to appropriate play mates specific to their personality, age and size whilst receiving mental and physical stimulation and lots of fun. 
Puppy training
Whilst being in our care, we can continue any training you are currently using for example recall, and basic commands.  We will spend time with you so that we are using the same commands, voice etc to ensure consistency
Visit duration
2 visits per day
3 - 5 days per week
20 minutes
30 minutes
45 minutes

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